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The term Android in the mobile world, we might have heard, we understand that it is in the form of the Android Operating System for smart phones. (we can see several products from HTC, Samsung, LG to Sony Ericsson issued a smart phone with Android operating system brings) As we know from the beginning, Android released Version 2.0 and 2.1 are called Eclair, then evolved into the Android Version 2.2 as Froyo and most recently as Version 2.3 Android called Gingerbread.

So what did the Android Honeycomb? Honeycomb Android is the Android version 3 which is developed after the Gingerbread Android version 2.3. The difference compared with the previous version of Android is the Android Honeycomb designed specifically for Tablet Pc. many who use the Tablet PC version Gingerbrid and Froyo, but less than maximum performance (the most fundamental thing is in terms of screen size, where the Tablet PC screen is much larger than smart phones.


What features are provided by the Android Version 3 (Honeycomb)? What is the difference with the Android version of Eclair, Froyo or Gingerbread? The following are the features which are owned by the Android operating system version 3 (Honeycomb) :

  • The new user interface specifically for the Tablet PC
  • Handling multitasking (running multiple applications) better
  • Many display the notifications tab (no popups)
  • System bar at the bottom of the screen, to showing status and accommodate the navigation buttons
  • Homescreens which can be decorated with widgets as well as with the 3D view
  • Bar for application control for all applications
  • Special virtual keyboard design new and bigger
  • Can instantly sync media files via USB cable


  • Allows connecting keyboard device with a USB  or Bluetooth
  • Increasing the reach of Wi-Fi connectivity
  • New support for Bluetooth Tethering, so that many devices can be connected
  • Improved web browser to the big screen, with several features such as opening a new tab, incognito mode for anonymous browsing, bookmarks and history management, multi-touch support for Java Script, much easier to zoom in / out
  • Interface designed for this type of large-resolution applications
Then Google released the Android Honeycomb Version 3.1 by doing the following improvements:
  • New User Interface (UI)
  • Animation Launcher optimized for faster transitions, and more smooth
  • Audible feedback to improve accessibility
  • Costume touch-hold interval
  • Navigation of the five homescreens screen is made easy. Touching the home button on the bar system will return to the home screen of the most frequently used
  • Costume for homescreens
  • Wi-Fi performance improved, so the connection is not easily broken, even though the condition of the device is screen-off even
  • Supports CSS 3D, animation
  • Supports playback of video content HTML5
  • Save the local web pages for offline viewing
  • Gallery application to support the Picture Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Allows storage of data with encryption

Bagi anda yang sudah terbiasa dengan Android versi sebelumnya, untuk dapat dengan lancar mengoperasikan sistem operasi Android Honeycomb Versi 3.x ini butuh waktu setengah atau satu hari untuk membiasakannya, setelah itu kamu dapat menjadi familiar. Jadi bila kamu ingin membeli sebuah Tablet PC Android, pilihkan yang mengusung Android Honeycomb agar semua hal dapat dilakukan dengan maksimal. Sewaktu artikel ini dibuat Tablet PC yang sudah mengusung Android Honeycomb adalah Morotola Xoom, Acer Iconia dan Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.


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