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Millions of applications from various platforms smartphones and tablets come in the year 2011. One significant cause is the rampant and Android phones and tablet formation models embedded applications market in smart phones like the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Android itself. Many types of smart applications that were presented to the tablet pc and smartphone. There is nicknamed instant messaging applications, multimedia, office, fun, and so on. Although unpredictable, but it seems the trend of advanced applications is continuing in 2012. New-AndroidTablets.Com and Gartner predicts that there will be 10 applications that are going to boom in 2012, what are they??


  • Banking Applications

Buying and selling online businesses that grow in many developing countries, is likely to be accompanied by the emergence of banking applications. Convenience offered by android tablets, as well as the more sedikinya time to spend making mobile banking application that will be frequently used.

Banking application refers to the SMS banking and mobile banking. Use of mobile banking application itself can be through a mobile browser, or a separate application. Predictably, one day something will come a time when paying by digital lifestyle, while, paying with cash is considered as an ancient custom.

  • Location-Based Service (LBS)

Foursquare, Gowala, Google latitude, are examples of applications based on location. This seems to be increasingly becoming a trend in the future. Not only serves to determine a location, but could be more specific. For example, searching for a place indicates congestion somewhere, to get a special discount when visiting a particular location.

Application of LBS is now much broader than just the location-based social networking, LBS application includes all the applications in a Tablet PC or Smartphone that you need the GPS feature with a variety of services related to locations such as the location of the nearest business or for directions to the nearest Starbucks coffee shop. Gartner predicts the future range of location-based services will become a trend that will grow fast. With a growing number of users from $96 million in 2007 to as many as $523 million users in 2012.


  • Mobile Search

Searching through the mobile phone is nothing new. Google, Yahoo, Bing, it has penetrated the realm of smartphones is also a tablet pc. Gartner, a technology research firm predicts that consumers in the future does not need to go to the web service to search for something (like Google, Bing, Yahoo) they would prefer to use the new service. Predictions like this are dubious, and seems to give more hope to the new service providers such as entering the Taptu mobile search arena by offering ease of search that is designed specifically for mobile devices. Likewise, Siri and Majel, a new search through the functions of a natural sound that was developed by the duo of enemies, Google and Apple.


  • Near Field Communications (NFC)

Until now, Tablet Pc with NFC features not yet become a standard feature in a Tablet PC products. This situation will change, at the end of 2011, Gartner said that the Tablet PC and Smartphone that has a feature NFC will increase in volume with Asia as its leader, which was followed by Europe and North America.

  • Mobile Browsing

According to Gartner, the number of mobile browsing use only about 60% of the total phones in circulation today. While in 2013, that number will rise to 80%, which means there will be many phone users with basic features are switching to mobile phones with browsing functions. This is good news for web development to serve this increasing trend rather than focusing all their efforts to develop mobile applications to share a platform that exists at the present time such as Android, IOS and Blackberry.


  • Health Monitoring Applications

Another technology that will greatly influenced the development of mobile applications market is a mobile health monitoring which is currently still in an early stage in the development and implementation. Project which is currently still limited to pilot projects, but in the future of mobile health monitoring industry will be a commercial trend to develop so rapidly.

  • Mobile Payments

Almost the same as mobile banking, the more people use mobile payment facility in the future. Although this type of service will grow in the future, but Gartner acknowledges the existence of several obstacles. Mobile payments will become a very fragmented market where the standard will not be uniformly applied.

  • Mobile Advertising

Although not new, mobile advertising is the most effective way to reap revenues from mobile content. Money spent in the mobile advertising in 2008 was $ 530.2 million and will grow to $ 5 billion in 2012. Mobile advertising will also be utilized by the company in advertising along with advertising on TV, radio, print media, or the field campaign.

  • Mobile Instant Messaging (IM)

Gartner said that the number of demand and market conditions in the future will be determined by the adoption of mobile IM. Mobile IM more attractive for emerging markets where many people only have cell phones as a communication tool. However, the possible application of this mobile IM will be even greater in the future? SMS service still seems hard to beat, especially for developing countries. IMassage release by Apple and the launch of Google Talk for mobile and Samsung.

  • Mobile Music

In the field of business, innovation in mobile music services will increasingly varied with the presence of service providers from various companies including mobile operators. Because I think as long as this world there will also adorn the music world.

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