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On January 20, 2012, in Application, by Indra Vladvamp

One of the advantages Mobile or Tablet PC with Android OS is the ability to explore and try out tens of thousands of applications, both free and paid which is reserved exclusively through Android Market, various applications are developed by various parties, both IT companies and individuals as a third party in particular all of the application officially only be downloaded through the Android Market to Android devices. To support the Android capability that we have, both in performance improvements as well as other special features not provided by the manufacturer of the device then install the applications that are scattered in the Android Market is the solution.

Here are some applications that according to my experience Androidmu must be installed on the device, which of course is essentially irreversibly on the needs of the wearer’s Android in harnessing the green robot is in the move, this application can be downloaded on Android Market, there are free and also paid (pro version).

  • Task Killer

This application allows you to save on battery consumption, as is well known that Android devices are generally wasteful batteries, and multitasking features that sometimes hide the application is still running in RAM, with just one tap with Task Killer all running applications deemed unnecessary will be closed. I often use this application when I would play games, with Advanced Task Killer is an application that does not need to be closed, so the RAM will get even better to play the game.

  • Antivirus Lookout Mobile Security + Plan B

Actually I’ve never written an article about Lookout Mobile Security. This application This application serves as Antivirus, this antivirus in my opinion have a good performance because scanningnya not just in software but also to the existing files on the Memory Card. Lookout Mobile Security can also be detecting Malware and Spyware. While Plan B Functioning to look for android devices that have been missing! using GPS + Maps + Google Account. Staying installed, and every 10 minutes an email will be sent to your Gmail account on the location of your lost hp, stationary or moving. It could also send sms, how to type “locate” to your android device is lost, will be repaid according to the location where your android device is located. Learn more


  •  AppMonster

Applications that are very useful in supporting the ability of Android, one of which is featured backup and restore data, so that all application data in internal memory can dibakcup to the sdcard, so that if at any time if android device must be restarted again then we only need to backup without the need hassle, but it also features a SD Scan and View App.

  • Documents To Go

Office applications for smartphones, which can be used to open files word, excel, pdf, and even powerpoint, By using a version of the full version, we also can edit office files or even create new documents as well as integration with Google Docs.


  • Adobe Photoshop Express

It seems familiar with the name of Photoshop, as the name suggests, this application is the mobile version of Photoshop, although not as complete ability to use Photoshop on the PC, but application is quite helpful in a brief photo editing with Photoshop quality.


  • Mobo Player

The media player this one is useful as a video player Android known powerful in reading a variety of video codecs that are not readable by default video player applications, especially for video lovers will certainly find it helpful with this application, do with a codec pack that is put into the install folder mobo for a variety of video codecs can be read.

  • Gallery Lock Pro

One more application that must exist, if you have a photo and video files important and confidential on your android device, then you must use the Application Lock to lock the gallery photos and video files importantly yours.

  • Go SMS

Applications that can be used instead of the default SMS application is monotonous, with a cool interface, and also features Private Box, Filter Box, Scheduled Message, the ability to send various files, and support for several plugins that can be installed much further.
  • Facebook for Android

Of course the usefulness of this application is predictable, which is a special application for android devices to access facebook, With Facebook for Android on your Android device, you can upload pictures, love to write comments status with ease. also equipped with chat features and other features standard Facebook for Smartphone.
  • Mozilla Firefox

Not complete it if this popular operating system is not to install additional browsers. To increase the speed & convenience when browsing the Internet, Mozilla Firefox for Android was developed by the Non-Profit organization Mozilla, Mozilla has gained much popularity in the market for PC Web Browser. Same with the Android market, Mozilla is the most beloved browser for Android as well.

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