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Android tablet has become the best selling gadgets now, while the concept of wallpaper is universal to most desktop as well as mobile operating systems, Android extends this concept one step further by letting you set dynamic content as your wallpaper – a concept known as Android Live Wallpapers. It is Android Wallpaper Weekend here at AddictiveTips. A few days back, we taught you how to take Android wallpaper customization to the next level. Join us today as we take you for a tour of the prettiest and most eye-catching Live wallpapers available for Android that we have hand-picked for you from the countless options out there.

Indeed, tablets with a blank appearance are too boring to look at. Even the toughest of men would pick a wallpaper design that mirrors his personality. True enough, default home screen backgrounds might not look very appealing, which compels you to search for your own wallpaper from the Android market. There are several live wallpapers that you can have for your home screen, and all of these can give you a colorful 3D experience that your home wallpapers cannot. Are you having difficulty in settling on what wallpaper design to use? Also note that being apps, Live wallpapers take significantly more resources than static wallpapers when running, and that can be taxing on the battery. However, some live wallpapers may fare better than others in this regard while some also offer you options to choose between best appearance and best battery. That said, let’s begin with our showdown of the best  Android Live wallpapers.

1. My Water Android Tablet Live Wallpaper

My Water Live Wallpaper for Honeycomb tablets is a popular live wallpaper that originally came with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer but was quickly ported to other Honeycomb devices in its original form as well as several modified flavors. Here is the original followed by just a few of its variants.

My Water Live Wallpaper works only on Android tablets running Android 3.0 Honeycomb or later. You can grab the original from the XDA-Developers forum and its flavors including the ones shown above as well as all the rest, from the Xoom Forum links given below.

Original My Water Live Wallpaper at XDA-Developers

Flavors of My Water Live Wallpaper at Xoom Forum

2. Waterize Live Wallpaper

OpenGL Live Wallpaper with dynamic water effect, with 3 predefined backgrounds (rocks, ice, sky), 9 in the full version (lite + fire, paper, galaxy, metal, wood and sand) Custom image background (full version) Adjust water ripples params for lo/hi devices (full version), Sound effects (full version)

3. Amazing Galaxy Tetrology

This is a series of four stunning space live wallpapers set on different themes. We’re keeping these four together here because these are parts of the same series of galaxy-themed live wallpapers by the same developer. We’ll just let their screenshots speak for each of them.

Vortex Galaxy will take you to the deepest and most unimaginable depths of space. Colorful backgrounds of galaxies and stars are displayed in this live wallpaper from your Android device screen. You can feel the energy beyond the distant galaxy from this background. You will enjoy viewing vivid colors of fascinating stars, constellations and comets. Vortex Galaxy is free to use, so you can download it anytime. Inferno Galaxy (left), Ice Galaxy (right), are all available for free from the market, have been optimized for tablets as well as phones and allow you to set the animation speed as well as battery consumption levels in the settings.

4. aniPet Aquarium

Don’t wanna buy the paid version of Aquarium Live wallpaper but still want more control on your aquarium? AniPet Aquarium Free gives you an aquarium with you having a lot more control over it without buying the paid version, at the cost of getting fish and backgrounds in less brilliant colors compared to those in Aquarium Live wallpaper. The options it offers include adding or removing fish from a large variety, change their sizes and speeds, set how the fish behave and even change the background, so take it on a spin and explore away.

5. StickMan Free

While not exactly a game, the ubiquitous stick man has starred in several games such as hangman, Fancypants Adventures and many more, and now he’s ready to invade your Android home screen as a live wallpaper. Watch him workout, skateboard or just stretch and relax as he attempts to keep himself busy, or even tap on him to interrupt him in his activities. The free version doesn’t give you many options except for selecting the background from three images already provided but more backgrounds as well as other features such as a more active StickMan, custom background of your choice, or even a StickDog can be bought in the paid version.

6. Ascension Live Wallpaper

Ascension is a live wallpaper that draws colorful, shimmering bars that react to touch in a variety of ways. You can customize Ascension in many ways so it suits your preferences, including options to change: How the bars react to touch, What the bars look like, How many bars are on screen, Bar orientation, The speed that bar color changes,  Bar color,  Background color,  and more…


7. Foto Tiles Slideshow & Live Wallpaper

Want the tiles but not just one image? Foto Tiles Slideshow & Live Wallpaper brings tiles of different images to your home screen. What’s more… you can use photos from your gallery, Picasa or Flickr. There are plenty of options to choose how to display the tiles including random, Metro, two-by-four and many more. You can choose to display just one photo at a time too, if you want. There is even a built-in editor for further customization of the style, apart from the options provided in the settings. You can also set an app to be launched when the pictures are tapped.

8. MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

So far, we have covered most of the options one can explore with Picture Live wallpapers but we have missed one. How about having a different image for each of your home screens? While it may seem pointless or even weird to some, there might be others who can use this to add a variety to their screens when scrolling between them. That’s where MultiPicture Live wallpaper comes handy. It can load the images from your gallery, a folder on your SD card or a Picasa Web Album. You can set different transition animations when scrolling between the screens and change the picture by double-tapping or after a set time interval.

9. Flux

A cosmic-looking, twisting and turning flux of brilliant colors with OpenGL 3D effects bundled in a free, small package less than 90Kbps in size is definitely hard to resist, especially so if it looks like this:

10. Steampunk Skull Live Wallpaper

Adam Ratana, creator of a series of skull-themed live wallpapers, recently released Steampunk Skull Live Wallpaper to the Android  Market, bringing an interactive clockwork skull to your device’s home screen. The wallpaper is dynamic and interesting, without being too busy or distracting. The gears are interactive, speeding up or slowing down as you manipulate the screen. The LWP also includes settings which enable users to alter the wallpaper’s performance to save battery life. In the wallpaper’s full version (which rings in at a cool $1.49), there are even more settings, allowing the user to customize the wallpaper’s background and choose from several different types of gears.

With all of the mediocre live wallpapers floating around in the market, it’s good to see one that’s well thought out, has a great design, and a good level of interactivity/customization. If you’ve been looking for a new LWP to keep your home screen dynamic and animated, Steampunk Skull is definitely worth checking out.

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