Competition Between Samsung and Apple in 2012

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Although the issue of the most widely spread around the year 2012 is about the Mayan prophecy of impending doom at the end of 2012. NewAndroidTablets.Com more interested to share with you any tablets and smartphones that you should look forward to his presence in 2012. Starting from Superphone and Supertablet. But this time I only discuss which products are to be issued by the two vendors who are fiercely competing is Samsung & Apple. This prediction of NewAndroidTablet.Com

iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy SIII


Many of the outstanding issues surrounding the smartphone which is often the reference is to its competitors. In the year 2012 can be sure Apple will launch the latest generation iPhone which probably is the iPhone 5. This smartphone is forecast to use Apple’s first quad-core processor (A6), a wider screen measuring 4 inches with HD support, as well as the camera 12 MP, For matters of design, opinions and forecasts that circulate even more diverse than on hardware.

Looks like Samsung is not to be outdone by Apple’s closest competitor, Samsung is always trying to beat the dominance of Apple’s sales. If Apple will release iPhone 5 then Samsung is expected to issue a new Galaxy series smartphones. Starting from photos leaked presentation and display specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S3 month of October last, the issue of successor to the throne Superphone Samsung Galaxy S is constantly evolving. If the image is visible SGS3 will be armed with a dual-core1, 8 GHz, is now the last word to mention that this Superphone will use quad-core processor 1.5 GHz, Exynos 4412. Besides, SGS3 also will have 2GB of RAM memory, screen-S Plus HD AMOLED 4.6 inch width and 12 MP camera.

iPad 3 VS Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6

Besides waiting for the Apple iPhone 5, In the year 2012 the world will also wait for a new generation of iPad. Reportedly iPad 3 will have a screen resolution of 2048×1536, which means 4 times greater than that of iPad 2′s 1024×768. iPad 3 also may use A6 quad-core processor and a thinner body.

I already said at the beginning Samsung has always had a product to compete with Apple. To compete with iPad 3 Samsung will bring Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 tablet has six variants of the tablet (and MID) Galaxy with different screen sizes do not necessarily make the Samsung satisfied. Vendor’s country of origin of ginseng was again set new variant with a wider 11.6-inch screen. The tablet is using Retina display with a resolution of 2560×1600, dual-core processor 5250 Exynos 2.0GHz speed, and features the Android Beam for easy synchronization with the Galaxy Nexus.

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