Optimizing RAM in Android

On December 8, 2011, in Hot Info, by vladvamp

For all who have devices with minimal ram, then you will find it hard to open many applications at once, the small capacity of ram will make your handset to be slow, and hangs. I have a solution to this problem by entering the scrip opitimizer ram into your android, by entering this scrip, your application will be easily controlled in the use of ram, so you will not be wasteful android longer in use ram even if you forget to close a dozen applications, I guarantee your Android handset will not hang.


Preparation :

  • Make sure you are rooting android handset, this berutujuan so that you can insert this script into your android, how is the pindakan files are downloaded to your memory card (not the folder) and restart your handset, then go into recovery mode (rescue mode) , by pressing the Home button + Power button simultaneously. After that search for the name of the update file you downloaded earlier in the memory card, for example file name is the root gb updated.zip and click on the file (attention in recovery mode you can not use the touch screen, use the volume to rise up, to step down use the volume down. and for the ok to use the home button) If you already select ok, and restart your android.
  • Make sure you have an application exploler Root, is to facilitate you to insert this script, if you do not have root exploler applications, can be downloaded from android market.

Let us begin here’s how :

  1. First extract Optimizernya Ram Script, extract can be done using Root exploler application, Script Extract Process Ram Optimizer
  2. Move the scrip Ram Optimizernya to / system / etc / init.d /
    if no folder (init.d) created the folder but can change access rights to be written first, change the permissions that exist in the upper right corner exploler root application of RO to RW.
  3. Select System Select etc Choose New Folder for the init.d folder but do not have to be clicked first Mount R / W that is in the upper right corner, then select New Folder to Folder Process The process includes init.d script Ram Optimizer
  4. Then after that reboot your android handset and feel the difference, good luck :)

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2 Responses to Optimizing RAM in Android

  1. Frank Bales says:

    Hey thanks. I’m gonna give this a try on my old VM Cruz Reader. I just use it as a reader now mostly, but it is rooted.


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