Samsung a company originating from south korea, it is growing rapidly lately. Here’s a glimpse of this company. Starting from a small export business in Taegu, Korea, Samsung has grown to become one of the world’s leading electronics companies, specializing in media and digital equipment, semiconductors, memory, and itegrasi system. Now the process and Samsung’s innovative and high quality products have been recognized in the world is all a major milestone in the history of Samsung, shows bagaumana this company has developed its product range and reach, increase revenue and market share, and follow the mission to provide a better life for customers in around the world.

Samsung makes even the company’s development company sued competitors for patent rights. Some say that the legal process is designed to protect the competitiveness and innovation, while others claim it is a trick to block the company’s market competitors. Patent war between Samsung and Apple Inc. have lasted long, for example, in April Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung that sparked outrage giant technology companies. In court filings in Northern California, Apple said, violated eight patents Samsung technology, seven design patents, and trademarks six computer icon, especially when developing Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy and tablet computers. But this time I will not discuss about the war between Samsung with Apple.

We heard various rumors have arisen about the technology transparent and flexible displays from Samsung and even Nokia. However, since then, no more information has come out about two specific products. Instead, Samsung throws again showing the concept into the rumors. However, this time, the Korean company has thrown in a video. Once you see it you will believe?

This device looks very futuristic. In addition, a flexible and transparent display, 3D display as well. Keep in mind that this video is the concept and the “device” clearly no where near ready for market, However, with all the rumors and concepts that have come out in recent months, it sounds like Samsung will debut in 2012 flexible displays. Furthermore, the CES, and companies like Sony, AUO, LG, HP, Toshiba, TDK, Apple, and Nokia are all working towards flexible displays, next year may be very attractive in terms of new devices with new display technologies on the tablet. We will see who will be the first release of this technology and make it as a pioneer company, like Apple’s prowess with the iPad.

Do you think that is flexible and transparent view has a place into day’s smart phone or tablet market? Isthis type of display get laughed off the market? Let’s find out what you think with the comments below!  Please…

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    Your article pereftcly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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