One of the advantages of the operating system android is open source allows the development of emerging innovation and more rapid distribution of knowledge. One result is Texting Glove that you see below. This unique device was developed by Oleg Imanilov, Tomer Daniel and Zvika Markfeld, which is literally changing the sign language into text on your Android device with the aid of a gyroscope, an ADK Board, Lilypad Arduino, finger sensor, and accelerometer. cool is not it??

Of course, hopefully advanced glove is sensitive enough to work with software to translate our movements quickly and accurately. Then what is the benefit? With this tool we hope that deaf people can rely on these tools produce a written text written for other people easily. wow very helpful right?? Android is advanced. Anyone interested in becoming android developers? a little later you can create an innovation that is useful to us all ^ _ ^

Video demonstration of Texting Glove:  Show & Tell Glove – Introduction

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