Toshiba does not seem to want to be left by other vendors, such as Samsung are often released its newest product, the Toshiba through its digital products division in the United States announced three new Android tablets, ie, Excite 7.7, Excite 10, and Excite 13. All three claimed to be present with an elegant design and sturdy aluminum, and a screen that has been coated with a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass from Corning. Based on official releases are posted BGR sources, reported that to all of Toshiba’s latest tablet will carry Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich by offering a simplified user interface, multitasking is easy, the screen is a customizable home screen, as well as a variety of widgets and a variety of services Google’s mobile, which is already familiar to users of Android.

Thosiba Excite 7.7

Excite 7.7 is the first tablet made by Toshiba that comes with AMOLED screen. With a 7.7-inch diagonal screen, the tablet is claimed to be present games, movies, and pictures that are rich in color, more contrast, and superb sharp. The device itself has a thickness of only 0.3 inches and weighs about 13.4 ounces making it suitable and easily inserted into a pocket or jacket. Besides going to come with a variety of Google services, Excite 7.7 will also come with a pin of useful software from Toshiba and many other third-party. The processor used is the same with two other models. Toshiba Excite 7.7 will go on sale on June 10, 2012 at a price of about 499.99 USD for 16 GB version and 579.99 USD for 32 GB.

Thosiba Excite  10

In particular, Excite 10 theme of smart, speedy, and durable. This tablet is 10.1 inches diagonal screen with LED Backlit Autobrite with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels is claimed will provide exceptional visual experience, light, and high definition. Excite 10 orchestrated by a quad-core Tegra 3 with GeForce graphics and 1 GB RAM which allows the device is used for everyday purposes, and for the next generation of mobile gaming. Tablet with 0:35 inch thick and weighs around 1:32 is also equipped with a long battery life, with a lifetime of up to 10 hours. Tablets in will be available on May 6 with a tag around 449 USD for 16 GB version, 529.99 USD for 32 GB, and 649.99 USD for 64 GB.

Thosiba Excite 13

This device comes with a 13.3-inch diagonal LED Backlit AutoBrite with 16:9 aspect ratio and resolution of 1600 x 900 is perfect for use claimed to watch movies and HD video. Excite 13 also has buried four speakers who will deliver amazing sound quality. Like his brother (Excite 10), Excite 13 is also powered by the quad-core Tegra 3 with graphics and RAM memory of the same. As a result other than suitable for watching movies, big-screen tablet premises are also suitable for mobile gaming quality. The tablet also comes with interesting features, such as micro USB port, HDMI port and SD card slot. Toshiba Excite 13 will go on sale on June 10, 2012, with a price tag of about 649.99 USD for 32 GB version and 749.99 USD for 64 GB.

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