Antivirus for Android

On March 18, 2012, in Hot Info, by Indra Vladvamp

Along with the development of the Android operating system, many Android devices are widely used for various functions, it also means a growing number of applications and data stored in these devices. For example, contact data, email, SMS and so on. If you have a cell phone or Tablet Android then have it like having [...]

Eight Tips Security For Android

On March 14, 2012, in Hot Info, by Indra Vladvamp

Android is currently being popular, but with the development and popularity of course there are the threats that accompany it. Some of the time it was reported that the threat of Malware on Android devices increased in 2011. This can happen when you download a variety of applications on the internet, it gets a link [...]

Beware of Virus Android!!

On March 13, 2012, in Hot Info, by Indra Vladvamp

Although Android is a new operating system, but it does not mean Android is free from Virus and Malware attacks. Of data sourced from the Trend Micro, recorded from June to July 2011 Malware attacks (the application that causes damage to the system) grew 14-fold. Further, according to Juniper Networks Global Threat Center and Nielsen, [...]

Apple Officially Launched The New iPad

On March 8, 2012, in Apple Tablet, Tablet Review, by Indra Vladvamp

Rumors about Apple’s new tablet of the outstanding recent months is answered by Tim Cook (Apple CEO) with the team he introduced the new iPad. It is likely before the new iPad is the 3rd generation of the Apple slate, so that many thought would be named iPad 3 or iPad HD because it has [...]

Android Market to add a maximum file size to 4GB

On March 6, 2012, in Hot Info, by Indra Vladvamp

Google is always launching business strategies capable enough to attract the market, and with innovative ideas, they are not afraid to do the research and development of new technologies to add value to human civilization as a whole, and of course a profitable business opportunities in particular. One of Google’s innovation is to present an [...]

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